New Razer Orochi Gaming Mouse

If you are a gamer, you will excited with this new ‘affordable’ gaming mouse from Razer. Razer dubbed it as ‘Orochi’, a name like the super-evil character from Warriors Orochi game. But I can make sure it has no relation with the Warriors Orochi game franchise. Razer Orochi was introduced as the super sensitivity mouse which has 4,000dpi optical sensor and suitable for both left-handed and right-handed gamers.




Razer provided up to 7 customizable buttons in this Orochi mouse and it comes with long three feet cord plus its own carrying pouch. Oh, I didn’t mention that Razer Orochi is actually a dual interface (wired or wireless) mouse. It set you free and give you choices whether to use the 3 feet long cable or switching to Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity mode.


Razer Orochi Gaming mouse will be available soon (in a few weeks) and if you’ve got the money to spend, head to the site to pre-order it for $80.


(Design Launches, Slashgear)

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