Philips HF3490 Wake-up Light Alarm with Dock for iPod

Have you ever heard about ‘Light Alarm’? Nope, this is my first time too. All I know about light as our alarm is the Mighty Sun that will shine through our curtain and wake us up naturally. But what if you room is tightly closed? No window, no ventilation or whatsoever? If this is your condition, Philips HF3490 might be one of your solution.


Philips HF3490 is a Wake-up ‘light alarm’ that will act as your own ‘Sun’ in your room. It will slowly and gradually increases its light and will wake you up gently using the light. You can also spice it up using FM radio, natural sounds or even music from your iPhone or iPod. This is very nice if you compare to the noise conventional alarm clock.

Philips HF3490 Wake-up Light Alarm Features:

  • Gradually wakes you up by light for a more pleasant feeling
  • 20 different brightness settings allows you to use as a bedside lamp
  • Detachable dock to charge your iPod/iPhone and play your favorite music
  • Optional FM radio, 4 nature sounds
  • Dusk simulation helps you drift to sleep by gradually dimming light and sound

If you are interested to be woke up by light and tunes of your choice, you can pre-order this Philips HF3490 wake-up light alarm at Amazon for $199.99 (Available: Agust 22th, 2009).

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