The WITness Watch – The Renewed Sun Dials Ancient Technology

WITness watch is a cool watch as the result when the ‘old ancient clock reading technology‘ and ‘new modern futuristic digital watch‘ fused together.

It’s still a concept actually, but it’s a great concept to resurface old technology. WITness watch bring back the old Chinese ‘Sun dials’ clock technology and turn it into a digital version and wearable timepiece on you wrist.


Perhaps it’s rare for people to know about Sun dial technology, but the point is the shade of the sun dial will be the pointer of the time. Just like the WITness watch all about. The inner circle with 12 lines will tell the hour while the outer ring containing 60 lines will tell the minutes.

WITness watch was designed by Hay Heun, who has a nice idea to turn old technology into a modern wearable gadget. This timepiece is not hard to read if we compare it with our Hardest to read watches. It will just take a seconds of glance and you’ll shall know the time. So, here is the question. Can you tell what is the time on the WITness watch above? :)


Of course, the sun dial on the WITness is much better than the ancient version, as it is also able to tell time even though it’s at night or when the sun is absent. The watch will come with a power button on the side, which a press of it will power it up and light up the display for five seconds and then will shift to the standby mode, which the watch only uses 35% of the LED power.

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