WD Scorpio Blue Sport 1TB 2.5-inch Laptop SATA hard drive

western-digital-scorpio-blue-sata-25-inch-1tb-hard-driveSo, finally a laptop hard drive has reached the score of 1TB, eh? This is a good stuff that most of tech guru has predicted. Probably we can see 2TB laptop hard drive in the near future after WD Scorpio Blue hard drive. Now that’s wonderful. :)

Western Digital, the renown hard drive manufacturer has successfully squeezed 333 GB into one platter (each 2.5-inch hard drive has 3 platters), this is the technology that allow WD to produce WD Scorpio Blue that sports 1TB capacity in the small 2.5-inch SATA 3GB/s hard drive. They also product a lower capacity of 750GB by squeezing a little bit less of 250GB per platter, but that’s still a huge amount of capacity for such a small hard drive.

This is very convenience because we have no need to bring two or three pieces of hard drives in our bag again. Just one of this Western Scorpio Blue is equal to 2 at 500GB or 3 at 320GB hard drives. Very portable and store a lot more data that before.

“The convergence of the growing mobile computing and digital media trends produces demand for desktop-like capacities in portable devices,” said Jim Morris, senior vice president and general manager of client systems at WD. “Our new WD Scorpio Blue drives enable people to take even more of their digital collections with them wherever they go and, realizing the value of their data, back up their notebooks on their My Passport drives.”

The 1TB size has a whopping $250 a pop and the 750GB have a lower price at $190. No words when it will be available.

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