AMD Intro New ATI FirePro V8750 Professional 3D GPU

amd-ati-firepro-v8750-professional-3d-graphic-cardATI Radeon has a new family member add to their family line. It’s all thanks to AMD to released their latest high-end graphic card for professional. The code name is ATI FirePro V8750, a GPU designed especially for workstations or server.

ATI FirePro V8750 has 55nm manufacturing fabs RV770 GPU, 800 stream processor and whopping 2GB GDDR5 memory with 115.2GB/s memory bandwidth. This is huge amount of bandwidth provided and the graphic card also have a Dual Link DVI port and DisplayPort outputs. Again, this is another Super-priced gadgets after the Taser Gun X3. Buy one of this is enough to get one base rig of Alienware M17x…

Digital content creation and high end CAD users have been held hostage to high-priced solutions for advanced rendering. The ATI FirePro V8750 3D workstation graphics accelerator delivers unparalleled performance and two GB of frame buffer memory for less than $1,800 MSRP. Creative and engineering professionals can now afford the powerful graphics they deserve.

Janet Matsuda, senior director, AMD Professional Graphics

(via TCMagazine)

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