Cool Taser Gun X3 With Triple-Shots

This should be the coolest taser gun and the most bad ass thief-kill-bill for the year of 2009. This is the Taser Gun X3, which capable of Triple-shots rapid fire to stunt three gangsters at once without reload. It also has a dual laser sighting system and a full color screen to see the taser gun status. And the most interesting thing is the ‘Kill Bill’ Color pattern and design! :)


The TASER X3 is the most sophisticated handheld weapon ever developed,” said Rick Smith, CEO of TASER International. “The X3 will improve effectiveness and safety over the previous generations of TASER(r) devices while also providing the ability to store and retrieve more information and diagnostic analysis on the use and performance of the device than the X26. Developing a multiple-shot capability makes sense to increase officer safety through the ability to recover from a missed shot or even simultaneously stop up to three separate targets.

The taser X3 gun not only fires a tiny lighting bolts to your target, it also sounds heavily like a machine gun. :) You can check out the following video for the demo:

Taser X3 Gun will cost one high-end desktop or Based Rig of Alienware gaming Laptop at $1,799.99.

(via GadgetReview)

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