Samsung SNE-50K e-book reader: Future Amazon Kindle Killer?

I don’t want to say it will be one of the killer for Amazon Kindle, but Samsung has done a great job releasing their own e-book reader where you can actually take a notes and read office documents.


Samsung SNE-50K e-book reader is thin and compact, with its 5-inch screen Samsung SNE-50K e-book reader can display your e-book content at the maximum resolution of 600 x 800 while you can store most of your ebooks in the 512MB built-in memory.

UPDATE: it seems the screen is a touchable screen using stylus pen. Prove image below.


A single charge will be able to sustain over 4320 pages which I think it’s not too shabby. According to SlashGear, this Samsung SNE-50K e-book reader will cost about $274. However, Samsung seems to want to hold the release date until next year after showing the e-book reader at the next CES exhibition.

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