Glow your Xbox 360 with XCM Black Light Case

Tired of your porcelain white Xbox 360 case? you can actually dress it up with more interesting case and it will have the see-through and LED glowing illumination with few minutes of DIY work. How? With XCM latest DIY case mod.


Love the picture? Oh huh, don’t haste. Here is more for some wows:


Personally, I think it’s very cool. But XCM need you to remove the old case attached on your Xbox 360, which they predicted to be around 10 to 15 minutes of work. Don’t worry if you are non-techie guy. They have the installation guide for this.

The only requirement is your Xbox 360 should be the one equipped with HDMI and pay a little of $89.99 to purchase the mod kit from Extreme Mods.

But as usual, modding will break the warranty, and all of the risk fall down on your own. No one is going to rescue you if something bad happen. So mod at your own risk, buddy! 😉

(via OhGizmo)

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