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JS1 Gaming Controller: Zeemote’s Gaming Treatment for Blackberry Smartphones

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Zeemote has manufactured a cool controller – the JS1 Gaming Controller for Blackberry smartphone. So, people do like playing games with blackberry smartphone? I’m not sure, most of us use it for facebook and chatting. But Zeemote has a different perspective so that’s when JS1 gaming controller’s born. This game controller weigh in only 57gram, economically designed an looks like a Wiimote but with smaller form factor. JS1 gaming controller is a bluetooth driven gadget and will compatible with Blackberry’s trackball.


Not only for gaming purpose, you can also use Zeemote JS1 controller as your Blackberry menu navigator. It has 1 thumb stick and four action buttons, all you have to do is to connect it to your blackberry, a little configuration plus Zeekey application and you are good to go. Require two AAA batteries to power up for 50 hours.

No news when it will be available.

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