Kana Flash with Built-in Music Player from Japan


Kana Flash is the production of Greenhouse, the company who also produced USB Mini Sandals and Surf board Memory cards, and Mini Network Server.

Kana Flash has a limited amount of capacity to store your songs and files, basically it has only 2GB but it excel in the built-in music player so when have songs stored in the memory, you’ll be able to play them directly from Kana Flash by jack in the 3.5mm to the provided port. Kana Flash also has a built-in battery and you can charge it via USB. One charge can juice up 4 hours of continuous playback.




You can actually get Kana Flash in 4 color selection starting from Clear, Blue, Pink and Purple color. It sure has a range of bright color for the youth. If you want one, GeekStuff4U will help you deliver the Kana Flash to your home front for 3,900 Yen (about US$41).

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