Chocolate Mouse will Tease Ants and You

Let’s say if ants has eyes like ours and they can recognize chocolate without sniffing around, they are sure will be teased by this Wireless Chocolate Mouse.


I’m not kidding, even you might be teased (especially if you are chocolate die-hard) because it looks so real and tasty! Lazybone even goes further to add a teeth chomp at the edge of the chocolate mouse. :)

Wondering how to use this mouse? Do you see that M&M’s-like white pill? That’s the mouse scroll followed by three mouse buttons to the front. It might be not as comfortable as you see but chocoholic might have their mouth watering like waterfall.

It might look like an authentic bar of chocolate but unfortunately you cannot eat it. You can however use it as a mouse, so you might want to eat it but you’re probably better off using it to navigate the cursor around your computer screen.

Chocolate Mice are the ideal gift for anyone that works in an office and has a top drawer full of chocolate bars.

The Chocolate Mouse is a chocolate-shaped mouse with a chunk taken out! The velvety bar of milk chocolate is too mouth-watering to resist! Once chocoholics plug in their Chocomouse, they will wonder how they have survived so long without it. A triumph of both style and function, each Chocomouse is moulded for ultimate performance whilst wowing in the scrummy stakes. An inspired choice for the person who loves chocolate!

You can own this tasty chocolate mouse for £21.99 or equal to US$36 at Lazybone UK.

(via Winarco, NerdApproved)

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