Kodak Zi8 Portable HD Camcorder to Rival Flip UltraHD

After Samsung made their move to rival Flip UltraHD or Flip Mino camcorder with their HMX-U10 10MP Portable HD Camcorder, Kodak has moving forward to march the competition with their latest HD Camcorder Kodak Zi8 as well.


Kodak Zi8 HD Camcorder is a 1080p true HD camcorder, which is a better version of their previous Kodak Zx1 High Definition Camcorder. Kodak Zi8 also has a bigger screen of 2.5-inch (LCD), equipped with face recognition and image stabilization. Kodak Zi8 also provided an easy flip-out USB arm similar to Flip UltraHD so you can connect to your PC effortless. There are 3 colors series available for this Zi8 model. Blue, Red and Black which will retail for $179 in this September 2009.

(via Gadgetlite)

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