Sheetseat is an Eco-Friendly Foldable Chair Concept

Sheetseat, like the title said is a foldable chair concept with eco-friendly touch. The main material is a 3/4″ thick plywood and perhaps some steel wired is also blended to be the frame so someone can actually sit on it without worrying to break the wood into pieces. Sheetseat is designed by Ufuk Keskin, and it was shown at the IDSA’s Equilateral during New York Design week event.


I’ve been thinking to have such a practical chair, which could be fold up and return just a piece of 3/4″ wood. I might also love the double-duty mosaic folding chair, or perhaps the foldable director chair. However, both of them have no such a simplicity as Sheetseat folding chair. It will eat less spaces even you have bunch of them stack together because it will look just like a pile of wood stacking neatly.

Just a concept though, no word and no idea when this Sheetseat will be released for sale…

(via LikeCool)

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  • Nancy

    Very very cool! I hope Keskin will put these into production soon…and make them affordable.

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