Yummy Sushi Clock for Raw Fish Eating Fans


I’ve never taste a Sushi yet until today, but most of Japanese said it’s the most expensive meal in Japan and lots of Raw fish meat slices to eat plus some wasabi sauce. Okay, that’s about filling stomach with an expensive meal. But why on the earth did this Sushi Clock cost $296 to own one?! You neither can eat it, nor can sniff the sushi scents out of it. It’s just a Wall clock with Sushis arranged neatly in the pan with Bamboo clock hands!

Well it really drive me hungry and want to chomp them. Looks so realistic, but it’s actually a plastic imitation just like the previous sushi cell phone straps in our Tasties Cell Phone Straps series.


Sushi Clock Specifications:

  • Case: 21 cm diameter, hard plastic
  • High quality imitation sushi that looks realistic, not plastic
  • Hands of the clock are made from wooden chopsticks
  • Hanging hook on the back
  • Battery included
  • Manual: Japanese

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