Groovy Lite-Up Straws

Here is something groovy for your party. A lite-up straws that will light up and glow in many colors when you activated the switch.


Nothing gets a party started like a fun conversation piece, and you’ll be the center of attention with these eye-catching Lite-Up Straws! You may be a dull, shallow, and genuinely uninteresting person, but when you have one of these bad boys wading around in a pool of your favorite jitter juice, people will flock to you like bears to a honey-covered newborn fawn! Now, you can join the likes of the Prince of Egypt, the Sultan of Swing, and the Queen of Sheba as a member of the new Party Royalty! Warning: you may be used to partying like it’s 2009, but these futuristic, light up drinking straws will have you sucking your way to the year 3000!

At a whopping 12″ (that’s right, a whole foot of cylindrical light emitting madness!) you’ll be able to use these wacky wands to guide incoming aircraft to a safe landing, probe the mysteries of the deepest oceans, help your fellow party goers recover lost articles of clothing from that big field behind your uncle’s house, and use Morse Code to talk to the Aliens! These sweet symbols of your undying coolness have a limited life span and the batteries cannot be replaced…bonus! Light ’em up and party down!

Looks cool, completely safe for your mouth, but it’s not diswasher safe. It’s has the length of 12-inch, 3 different lite-up modes activated by switch and has a lifespan of about dozens of hours if you used it intermittently. To own them you’ll have to pay $15 for a set of 4.

If you are interested, head on over to After5Catalog.

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