SlipperyBrick Geeks Sporting 7 Displays on Single PC with HP USB Graphic Adapter

This is purely amazing and cool. Most of geek love to have more than one display for their PC and that’s (perhaps) the motivation to drive SlipperyBrick’s freaking cool geeks to sport 7 LCD Display on single PC with the help of HP USB Graphic Adapter.



They are using HP ultra-slim Desktop PC powered by Intel Core 2 Duo with a minimum 2GB of RAM running under Windows Vista OS. All of the seven display is 19-inch LCD, with one at 20-inch screen size and all was connected to one PC via Six USB Graphic Adapters.


You can get the detail at Slipperybrick post, and you can find the detail pricing on HP’s USB Graphic Adapter at our Shopping channel. Remember to times by 6 if you also want to sport 7 displays at your home!

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