Undercover Laptop Sleeve – Safe Your Laptop from Theft’s Target

Masking your luxurious gadgets from unwanted attention is always a good way to prevent them from getting lost. Well, if you can suppress your ego anyway. This undercover laptop sleeve is one of the ‘masker’ that could practically move theft’s attention away because it looks so… ugly and cheap!


Who will think it’s actually a laptop sleeve if you hold it with your hand. Apparently, it looks like an old envelope containing your useless papers. But in the inside, there is a comfortable padded sleeve that will make your laptop feel at ease (well, IF your laptop has a feeling! 😉 ). At the same time it could prevent your laptop from scratches, dusts, and even a light bounces.

And the best of all, it’s waterproof! You can actually use it as your ‘umbrella’ when caught in the middle of the rain. Pretty practically and cheap. :)

Price: £19.99 or about USD $33 at LazyBoneUK

(via Craziest Gadgets, NerdApproved)

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  • Wow, i love that picture! I used to hear stories too about how my friends keep their precious stuff (laptop, camera) in let’s say, diapers’ bag. Really, the thieves didn’t even think of stealing them!

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