FineDigital FineDrive iQ Special GPS Navigator


Learning English While Driving, this is probably the motivation for FineDigital to released their latest FineDrive ‘IQ Special’ Navigation device that allow driver to learn English on the go. Similar to FineDrive IQ500, this device will act as your navigator on the road, but thanks to the eBoyoung’s Dictionary of English Conversational Expressions along with authentic native-speaker voice and A-B repeat function, driver is ‘force’ to learn English while following direction coming from the device.


FineDrive ‘IQ Special’ also comes with voice recognition technology, DMB support and you can make it as your PMP because it can play music and video as well.


The device have a built-in 8GB storage so you can store your files and play them on the go without external device. FineDigital FineDrive is priced at 469,000 (KRW) or around $385 USD.

(via FineDrive iQ Special[Korean])

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