Fishing Made Easy with RC Feed Boat


If fishing is one of your hobby, this RC Feed Boat will add more mood and more fun experience to your fishing moment. The RC has a built-in sonar sensor, which mean you can actually ‘Spy’ your fishing spot to figure out how many fishes waiting for your baits.


The spying result will then displayed to the LED display in the remote control so you can decide where to set your bait. It’s also has a temperature detector which will show you the water temperature in case you need it. The RC Feed Boat has one tipper to hold up to 4.4lbs of bait, has an underwater LED light, and up to 948 feet remote control range to allow you to move your bait deep into the middle of your fishing spot.

Technical data:

  • Drive: Two 540 Series electric jet motors
  • Rechargeable battery: Lead-gel battery, 6V 10Ah
  • Battery charging time: 4 hours
  • Travel time with one battery charge: 3 hours
  • Range: 300m/984ft
  • Max. load: 2kg/4.4 lbs
  • Max. depth measurement: approx. 30m/98ft.
  • Temperature measuring range: Approx. 0-40°C
  • Battery-operated 5 channel remote control with backlit display

The only thing that may set you down is the pricing. You will have to pay a whopping $726 for the RC Feed Boat + Remote Control without the fishing bait.

(via LIkeCool)

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