iTalk Voice Alarm Clock

iTalk voice alarm clock is probably not the best alarm clock to wake up your sleepy head, but it’s also one of the alternative for voice command activation clock so you can live your life in a techno way. Just command, and it will listen. :)


iTalk® voice alarm clock responds to your commands! Simply say “Hello iTalk” to activate the voice mode and the clock is at your service. Say “set alarm” and the clock will switch it on and confirm your time. Just say “snooze” for more sleep. This amazing technology also responds to six other commands, including “what time is it”, “what day is it”, “set time”, “alarm sound”, what time is alarm set to”, and “help”. The clock understands any voice in English and displays giant two-inch LED digits. Manual mode is also available. Adjustable dimmer and alarm volume. Includes an AC adapter and requires three AAA batteries for back-up (not included). Plastic, 7 1/2 x 4 x 2″.

iTalk Voice Alarm Clock is available in TaylorGifts for $69.98 a pop.

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