LG Hi-Fi Cell Phone: From CellPhone to Headphone

Here is an interesting concept phone for LG. It’s dubbed as HiFi Cell Phone, a cellphone that could transform into a Hi-Fi headphone after unfolding the both end.


This concept phone is also a one of the winner of LG’s Design the Future competition. In the description comes with the author of this Hi-Fi Cell Phone Concept said that the device would fit in our pocket in to folded position and traveler friend. When unfolded, user will get a pair of Hi-Fi Stereo headphones.

The only problem that you can find from the concept picture above is the non-microphone design. How should one make a call if there is no mic included. Perhaps the designer has forgotten to draw them, or there is a possibility that the future cell phone will have a seamlessly integrated mic so there is no need to draw one.

Overall, it’s just a concept. Perhaps it’s looks futuristic and cool, I guess LG will have a hard time producing such a concept with the current technology.

(via Coolest-Gadgets)

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