Mix Stix by Ignacio Pilotto

Ignatio Pilotto had design a new gadget for kitchen (team up with Jason Amendolara and Fred Studio). His previous designs was excellent, as well as this Mix Stix drumsticks that could double as beechwood spoons!


Perhaps this Mix Stix is only suitable for drum player, so they can use the frying pan or bowls to train their skill while making meals in the Kitchen!

Every kitchen has its own rhythm and hum, and now you can play along. Mix Stix are classic indispensable beechwood spoons, morphed into drumsticks. So you can rock out when you’re not stirring, paradiddle on the stockpot, give that mixing bowl a rimshot. Get with the beat! We’ve packed one solid spoon and one unique slotted spoon on a durable chipboard peggable backing card.

(Ignacio Pilotto via WorldWideFred)

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