OCZ SuperHero: The Colossus 1TB SSD

We are going to see a superhero launching on this August. The superhero has the “OCZ” labeled on its case, and it’s a Monster class SSD with 1TB storage capacity.


It was first introduced at Computex exhibition last June, the SSD weighs in 14.1-ounce, size in classic 3.5-inch hard drive dimension, but it has a better read speed at 250MB/s and write speeds of 220MB/s via SATA II interface.

Now here is something that might startled you. The price you’ll have to pay is as expensive as one high-end gaming notebook or desktop at $2,500! Whoops…



More detail on pricing has available. OCZ Colossus will be available in both 500GB and 1TB with pricing $1,200 and $2,200, respectively.

(via Gizmag and CrunchGear)

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