Twilight Turtle Little Starry Room Projector

Check out this cool little monster turtle star projector. The turtle has an old skin and rumpled, but the main attraction is the turtle shell that will shines endlessly to the ceiling creating bunch of stars in Orange, Blue and Green color. Very nice for child room, where they can count the stars to sleep instead of counting sheep.


The turtle emits a warm ambient glow from his shell, casting eight night sky constellations on to the walls of your child’s bedroom. This soothing night light, with 3 relaxing colours, not only helps your children sleep, but you can teach them 8 of the most recognizable constellations while reading them their favorite bedtime story.

Besides making the Twilight Turtle look gorgeous in the dark, the three colours of the nightlight apparently have a practical use: the autumnal glow of amber radiates warmth, good cheer and peace; blue is supposed to calm the mind and the senses – it’s one of the most natural colours in the world (just think about how many blue things you see every day: the sky, the sea, that jumper your aunty knitted you for Christmas).

It encourages relaxation and promotes a good night’s sleep; green is the colour of life – it too can be found everywhere in nature and is said to have healing and rejuvenating properties. So not only do you get a soft plush turtle with a star emitting shell, it’s also a great relaxation aid for your child.

Want to get one? Twilight Turtle is available for £29.99 only at IWantOneOfThose.

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