Chameleon Radio: Sing with the Radio, Dance with the Color

You’ll never be alone in the shower again with this Chameleon Radio! It will stay there at the wall with the cup suction feet, sing along with the Radio, and ‘dance’ with its color-changing skin! Wonderful.


If you want something to sing along to in the shower, this cool chameleon radio a fun way to take some music in with you.

With sticky suction cup feet, he’ll cling onto the shower wall and is waterproof so he’s completely safe if splashed. Featuring an FM scanning radio, it’s a simple matter to tune into your favourite station.

And it gets even better – as just like a real chameleon, this one changes colour! Different coloured lights make this karmic chap flash along with the music.

(Price: GBP12.99 at ThumbupUK via NA)

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