Cool MiMo 710-S Mobile Slider USB LCD Monitor

When we first come to know about Mimo from NanoVision, the device is the first small 7-inch USB LCD monitor uses for an extension or second monitor in case one LCD is not enough for you. Now, Mimo has an updated version with slightly better feature and specification.



This is the Mimo 710-S LCD monitor, it also has 7-inch LCD, 500:1 contrast ratio, 90 degrees rotate and an 800 x 480 resolution. The only different is the “Mobile Slider” feature that turns the LCD screen into a clamshell design that looks cooler that the previous Mimo 7-inch LCD version.

With the Mobile Slider model, you will have a more portable Mimo monitor with wider stand to hold the screen. It also comes with double headed USB cable so you can connect the Mimo 710-S USB LCD Monitor to your PC effortlessly without the need to buy another cable.


Mimo 710-S USB LCD Monitor will be available at the end of this month with the price tag set to $149.99.

(via EverythingUSB)

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