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JVC Released Colorful Earphones Series

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jvc-colorful-earphone-series-ha-fx20 JVC has another release this week after their JVC Black Series Foldable headphones. This time, instead of going black again, JVC introduced their HA-EBX85 and HA-FX20 earphone is the bright color manner.

Both JVC earphone models feature a powerful neodymium driver unit and friction noise reduction cords. And the ear piece on both of models comes with soft rubber ear cushions (available in three sizes) to fit your ears and allow long hours usage without hurting your ears.

The HA-EBX85 is a sports style earphone where it’s available in 3 color selection of pink, purple and white. While the HA-FX20 is the ‘All Star’ in-ear headphone with 5 different color combinations. Both earphones are very affordable, HA-EBX85 at just $19.95 while HA-FX20 is only $14.95.

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