Parasync: Connect and Sync up to 20 iPhones or iPods

Parasync is a new device that allow you to sync more than 20 iPhones or iPods all at once via iTunes. Amazing, I wonder if you would like to get one of this to sync your iPods and iPhone(s)? For me, perhaps my answer is ‘yes!’ but with more detail “If I have 20 iPods/iPhones to sync about”! :)


There is impossible for you to have more than 20 device at once and all yours. Perhaps this Parasync is more suitable for shop owner to do a mass sync between customers iPhone. Parasync dock is compatible with most iPhone and iPod generation, such as it compatible with iPhone all Gen, iPod Touch all Gen, iPod Classic, and iPod Nano all generation.

No word on availability and pricing on this Parasync dock yet.

(via Gizmodo)

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