Recordable Megaphone: Throat-Friendly Megaphone

This is perhaps the variation of the previous Mommy Megaphone, now you are allow to shout one time only and the megaphone will repeat your shouts endlessly until you stop it. Very convenience and save more energy. :)


The Recordable Megaphone with Siren Alarm is a fantastic gadget for making yourself heard in a crowd. With the Recordable Supporters Megaphone you can record your message, and simply press the play button to make yourself heard! The Supporter’s Megaphone features clear sound and long range thanks to its efficient design. The Megaphone is also quite compact measuring just 25cm long.

Supporter’s Recordable Megaphone features:

  • 3 modes of function: Siren, Amplified Voice & Record
  • 15W max output
  • Includes shoulder strap
  • Includes volume control
  • Battery life 6-8 hours (4 x D Size batteries)
  • Built in siren & microphone

Product Page (£13 or $22)

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