The Spoticam Lamp – Look exactly like a Security Camera

Perhaps you may ask “Why there is a security camera on my desk?” if someone installed this Spoticam Lamp. It’s not your fault to mistaking the lamp as a security camera because it did looks familiar. Spoticam Lamp is the latest creation from Antrepo Design, the one who also design the Salt and Pepper Cell.


Funny looking, it feels weird and perhaps user will whispers lightly by their own saying: “Someone is watching at me through their security tv!”



Spoticam Lamp is also wall mountable with the best part of the adjustable angle on the leg. Antrepo Design made Spoticam Lamp available in two colors of black and white. It will be available as soon as a company feeling okay with this concept and make it as one of their product line. :)

(via Coolest Gadgets)

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