Toilet Speakers – Dirty Plus Funny

This stuff is certainly not cool, it’s more to the side of ‘Funny’ but it is kind of gross, too. I don’t know what has happened to the brain of China Manufacturer, turning TOILET into a speakers for your desktop entertainment is sure sound weird!


But hey, this speaker is not really that bad despite of its looking. Each of this potty can cranks out 2-watts of sound with the frequency rate ranging from 25kHz to 80kHz and signal-to-noise ratio of >98dB. It won’t be a problem if you dislike this product because Someone Else might love this design. This toilet speaker is available in various kind of color, starting from classic white, cute pink, sky blue and banana yellow. The speaker set is sold for $14.99 at ChinaGrabber.

Just one warning, don’t flush water to this toilet speakers even if it’s just for fun.


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