Chic and Sexy: Logitec LAN-W300N/R Ultra-Slim Wireless Router

The Japanese company, Logitec (without h) has launches a super ultra-slim wireless router and they claimed it to be the first and thinnest wireless router in the World, not in Japan only. This ultra-slim wireless router has been dubbed as LAN-W300N/R with mere 7mm thickness only (even the widest part is only 24mm only).


Logitech LAN-W300N/R wireless router is completely covered in glossy black which could be a good rival with Linksys WRT54G2 wireless router in chic-ness and sexiness.

The only feature that we’ve come to know is the device could be your home or office access point. Similar to what a common wireless router can do. So far Logitec only revealing the sexiness without much specification coming along.

P.S.: Note that this is a Japanese product. There is no certainty if it will be available worldwide or to be imported by GeekStuff4U or other importer. So don’t ask us where to get one. :)

(via AkihabaraNews)

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