Strapya’s Cute Movie Characters Cell Phone Straps

Can you resist the cuteness of these cell phone straps?! No, I don’t. They are so adorable because Strapya has transformed the popular movie characters into a bobbleheaded baby face adorable cell phone strap – yes even that scary looking Predator! Well, they do have a bunch of cute straps for sale! :)


The Movie Character includes Beverly Hill Kelly, Dylan, Hannibal Lector, Edward Scissorhands, Beverly Hills Cop, the Godfather(!), RoboCop(damn!), Alien vs Predator(wow-wow!). The Cutest ever cell phone straps and you can own them for $8 a pop.

Going to grab them? head to Strapya-world for the full collection.

(Walyou via Gizmodo)

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