Hitachi Hard Drive Hits 2TB

hitachi-7k2000-2tb-hard-driveWe’ve missed this important updates last week about first 2TB hard drive from Hitachi. It’s important because such a huge storage could really easing out storage junkie who love big space to store their junks. yes, it’s not as mind-blowing as LaCie Quadra 32TB storage. However, to be able to stuff 2TB inside one 3.5-inch hard drive is quite an accomplishment.

The speed of the hard drive remain unchanged at 7200RPM. Now words whether its SATA II interface or not, but this hard drive won’t perform slower than any hard drive except the 10,000RPM hard drive. The code name for this 2TB Hitachi hard drive is 7K2000, it will available in this week with price estimated at $260 (double the price for the 1TB version).

Source: CrunchGear

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