Sanyo Eneloop Portable Solar Panel is now Available at GeekStuff4U

It seems this Sanyo Eneloop portable solar panel should be in the list of our Sphere of Links from last week as this is also one of the cool gadget we’ve missed. After being introduced by Sanyo in Japan, they have now launch it with pricing of ¥12,500.



This cool eneloop portable solar panel is equal to $128 USD after conversion and you can get it with the help of GeekStuff4U. They will take care of the import duty and you’ll just have to pay the correct amount of price to own it. Just a little bit refresh if you still have no clue on this Sanyo Eneloop Portable solar panel. It’s a device that could be used as a power source for your mini gadgets such as Cell Phone, USB devices, handheld games or even Laptops that require a big chunks of power.

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