Gigabyte T1028X Convertible Touchscreen Netbook

Soon enough you will be able to enjoy a convertible touchscreen netbook from Gigabyte because they have announced and updated T1028X into their netbook range. Gigabyte happened to release the strongest netbook of its geration – the Gigabyte M912M and now they has rolled out this T1028X new convertible touchscreen netbook with higher specs and additional ExpressCard 34 slot.


This Gigabyte T1028X Netbook has a slightly better processor of Atom N280 1.66Ghz CPU (in comparison with M912M at 1.6Ghz), but share the same 1GB of RAM, 160GB HDD, bluetooth and WiFi. However, it seems gigabyte T1028X excel in the screen display which you can get a good 1,366 x 768 displayed on the convertible touchscreen.

Gigabyte T1028X touchscreen netbook will be available for $700, which I think is pretty expensive for a netbook. But it still in the fair line because we still have the Dell Adamo whose has the highest price above $1,000+ mark.

Via Slashgear, iTechnews

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