Logitec USB To DVI Dongle: Turn USB port into another DVI port

Logitec USB to DVI Dongle is a great stuff from Japanese manufacturer. With the device, you can obvious turn any USB port into a Full HD supported DVI port so you can have second HD display in just a seconds. If I’m not wrong, the device will also allow you to expand to even more HD displays as long as there is enough of USB ports to expand in your netbook/notebook. It’s all thanks to the cool DisplayLink video chip inside the black box!


Logitech USB to DVI dongle is compatible with both PC (Windows Vista and 7 also supported) and Mac with maximum resolution in 1920 x 1200.


The revolutionary USB to DVI Full HD and QWXGA Dongle offers virtually perfect video quality and turns your USB port into a true DVI-I port, making it the first external video card that truly performs like a standard internal video card. With the included adapter you can add a VGA monitor.

It’s going to be available soon and you can pre-order it for $135 at the GeekStuf4U.


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