Logitech Wireless Desktop MK 700 Keyboard and Mouse

Most of Bloggers like myself ought to find the best keyboard and mouse to accompany our works because we are the hardcore typist that will sit all day long in front of the laptop. An ergonomic keyboard and mouse design is very crucial for us as it’s the only things that we’re interacts with. Logitech probably know this demands so they have launched the newest keyboard titled as Logitech Wireless Desktop MK 700 keyboard + mouse set with the irresistible incurve keys to cradle our fingers and make the keyboard become more comfortable to type on.


The Keyboard even has a cool LCD screen to display several status such as the battery juice, FN, scroll lock, Num lock, Scroll Lock and mute function. Oh, I forgot to mention that the keyboard and mouse is Wireless interface with no cable addons features. But Logitech claimed that the Keyboard battery will be able to resist for 3-years and 1-year for the mouse. This is amazing, but no detail on how many hours we can use for a day. Perhaps you should discount the time into half if you are a workaholic.

The Logitech Wireless Desktop MK 700 will go on sale in September 2009 for just $100. Believe it or not, we can see it when the time has come. Just $100.

(via Logitech Blog)

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