Sun Drive: Korean ZYRUS’ Compact USB Solar Charger

After the portable solar charger from Kodak, Korea-based company ZYRUS has launched another portable solar charger, but it’s more advanced and even more compact dimension with USB interface.


ZYRUS Compact USB Solar charger is also known as the “Sun Drive”, which is designed to solar charge most of handheld gadgets such as PMPs, cell phones, DAP, or even Digital camera. The Sun Drive can provides 90 to 100 minutes extra talk time and about 25 to 35 hours of standby time with one charge. The size is allow small enough to bring along with your gadgets, whether you want to strap them together or put it on the separated pocket.


ZYRUS Compact USB Solar Charger or Sun Drive will retail in Korea for 29,000 KRW (about $23).

(via AVING)

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