Flash Drive Lock – Is this stuff needed?


I’ve to admitted that I’m feeling weird looking at this flash drive lock. Although it looks like a solution to secure your flash drive from unwanted access physically, I still think it’s not necessary. Most of nowadays flash drive has been equipped with self-encryption software that might take the whole year to open the encryption without the proper keys. So this type of classic physical lock is not pretty useless AND it will alert people and tickle their curiosity to open that flash drive.

But if you still love to get one to ‘lock down’ your flash drive head, this flash drive lock provide you the physical 3-digit codes as your combination key. Just jack your USB head into the provided slot, and randomize the digit code so no one know the key but you. You can purchase it for £5.95 or about $10 from The Verdict.

IDEA: You can actually use it at all USB Gadgets to seal them off physically. Very good to prevent people borrowing your USB gadgets without permission.

Source: CrunchGear, Coolest gadgets

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