Fly-Goodby bug Vacuum Gun – Test Your Gun Skill

c1ab_fly_goodbye_bug_vacuum_gun_animInstead of rolling an old news paper and make it into a paper-sabers to kill flies, you can get more interesting gadget to announce war to the annoying bugs and flies. This Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun is not really saying good bye to the flies. Instead, if it can talk like human it will say: “Flies, come to mama!” and it will suck the cute fly into the womb of the vacuum gun.

However, it’s not as easy as pressing the trigger to catch the flies (especially the flying one). You’ll have to analysis its flying routes and predicts where to set your gun tip. Hold your gun tip at the predicted route and press the trigger when the fly come by. But the best of all, wait until they stop flying, and resting at a ground. That’s the easiest way to capture them. :)

There will be a low ‘POP’ sounds when you’ve successfully sucked the fly. You should try several times before getting use to it.

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