Super Mario Chess Board Collector’s Edition To Be Available Soon!

If you love the character in Super Mario and at the same time you are also a chess mania, this Super mario Chess Board could be your baddest toy you’ll never want to miss. According to Crunchgear, this Super Mario Chess Board Collector’s Edition will be available sometime in this August with pricing set to $39.99.


the Chess board is, again, all about the war between Mario’s Team with Browser team. The never-ending battle has started again in the Chess battefield. Something interesting to see in the chess pieces are the soldier for Mario and Browser. Mario Team will have the ka-ching coins as their soldier while browser’s side is getting the Koopa shells as their main forces.

The characters that you will find in the Super Mario Chess are consist of:

Mario Team:

  • Mario as King
  • Luigi as Queen (LOL!)
  • Both Princesses Peach and Daisy as Bishops
  • Yoshi as Knights, and
  • and Toad as Rooks

Browser Team:

  • Browser as Evil King
  • Browser Jr as Evil Queen
  • Magikoopas as bishops
  • Birdos as Knights, and
  • Goombas as rooks

Mario Chess board is available to pre-order if you want to get it first as soon as it has become available.

(via CrunchGear, Craziest Gadgets)

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