Wooden Dual iPhone or iPod Dock Station

Eco-Lover, here is another wood-themed gadget to pair up with your iPhone or iPod. It’s a Dock Station with real looking log wood base. Provided with two docking port, you can jack in almost all generation of Apple iPhone and iPod but it shout no to iPod Shuffle. (I wonder if this dock can be paired with Wooden iPod case? or the iWood series?)


Apparently, it’s a minimized version of the previous Wood Music Speaker iPod Dock, But there is no speaker system attached in this wooden dual iPhone / iPod dock station.

Believe it or not, this dock station is a handmade gadget made by Etsy creative people. It’s made of Cedar wood, and no similarity from one to another if you get more than one dock from the seller. And it will take as long as 3 weeks for the seller to craft it, and ship it out to your home front.

Interested? You can get them for $119 a pop + 3 weeks of waiting + some shipping cost I guess…

(Product Page via BB Gadgets)

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