Myvu Crystall EV Video Goggles

One question before I begin, What’s the feeling of watch porn with 64-inch screen vivid video in front of your eyes privately where no one else could disturb you? If you answer with:”Mama mia! That’s excellento!”, then probably this Myvu Crystal EV Video goggles will be the best thing you’ll ever want. :)


Myvu has just revealed their newest private video entertainment goggles with the ‘Crystal EV’ as the code name. Apparently, this little cool looking eyewear has 30% larger and improved viewing area compared to the previous series. The 30% larger screen is sum up to be about 64-inch big screen size projected in front of your own eyes, just like having a good home theater system in front of you.

“Myvu is pleased to announce the release of Crystal EV and its initial availability through our retail partner, InMotion Entertainment,” said Kip Kokinakis, president and CEO of Myvu Corporation. “Crystal EV is significant improvement upon the world’s best selling PMV, the original Myvu Crystal. It is an example of Myvu’s continued innovation in producing the most affordable, lightest profile with the largest image size, entertainment and personal productivity video eyewear on the market.”

According to the news, Myvu Crystal EV Video goggles even compatible with your favorite iPods and iPods (most of its generation or the generation with video capability). This is a great gadget either for traveling or home usage. It’s just too bad there is no news on the availability and pricing yet. However, by judging from the previous version, the pricing shouldn’t be far above $350 (just a blind guesses).

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