New Aperion Intimus Outdoor Speakers – To Invite Audiophiles going Outdoor


The new Audiophile gadget from Aperion is going to invite the Audiophiles going outdoor instead of staying inside their multimedia room. The Intimus Outdoor Speakers is available in white and black, the speaker has:

  • 6.5-inch dual voice coil woven fiberglass driver
  • a 1-inch silk-dome tweeter
  • a weather and UV-resistant ABS polymer cabinet designed for outdoor use
  • The speakers feature an adjustable bass switch
  • 5-way gold-plated binding posts for hardwiring, and
  • an adjustable mounting system that lets users set up an audio field once the speakers are set up

Inviting listener going outdoor is probably a good idea, the can see the sun, breath better and fresher air. But you should make sure you’ll have spacious patio to tune your songs so the music won’t disturb the neighborhood. :)


We’ve chosen not to compromise on the bass sound quality which is often affected by outdoor speaker placement. By adding a bass adjustment switch, the listener is able to customize the level of bass, whether under an eave or in a bass boosting corner,” said Aperion lead speaker engineer Ken Humphreys, in a statement. “By using a dual voice coil woofer, the listener can simply flip a switch for more or less bass.

The most important thing is, the Aperion outdoor speakers comes with an amazing 10-year warranty, free lifetime customer support, and free shipping treatment. All of them will cost you not more than $150 including shipping. Really a good temptation for most of Audiophiles…

(via Aperion)


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