Lego Spock Ship – Kinda Mind Blowing


Wow-wow, now if you are a fans for both Star Wars (lol) Star Trek and Lego block, this Lego Spock Ship might be a good inspiration for you to start a weekend project to build one for yourself! It’s kinda of mind blowing for fans because this Big badass of LEGO Spock ship looks interesting and amazing. You can get more of the snapshots at Gizmodo or head on directly to Flickr. Have some wows there and see if you could make one for yourself. :) (via BrothersBrick)

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  • epicfailmoderator

    not to be a pain in the ass… but spock was never in star wars. your thinking of star trek. I hate both and even i know that lol. And Beware, trekkies will kill you for placing one of their beloved in a cheesy lucas film lol.

    • Ops, my bad. Thanks for the correction! Lucky I’ve not been badmouth by the trekkies yet. LOL.

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