New Splitfish PS3 controllers Looks Cool

splitfish-dual-sfx-revolution-ps3-controllerIn case you dislike the normal position of the PS3 controller and how the buttons are laid out, you can have this new PS3 controller from Splitfish that looks very uncommon but cool. Splitfish called this controller as ‘Dual SFX Evolution controller‘, that are consist of two separate parts with one wireless USB dongle. Both has been equipped with accelerometers and there are lots more additional buttons added for more actions in the game.

The DUAL SFX EVOLUTION is a revolutionary, wireless, upgradable, two part, FREVO – adjustable analog stick controller – that promises a superior new level of intuitive experience for console gamers. The fully featured controller has a fast action button layout and gives all the best analog stick controllers can offer PLUS it provides two hand freedom and assignable dual independent wireless motion for sixaxis or analog stick emulation as well as “wrist flick” button triggering. No other controller provides Sports and other Action game title fans this level of enhanced, intuitive, performance capabilities.

This dual SFX EVOLUTION PS3 Controller was coded as SFE-300-EVO and it’s currently selling for $89.99.

(via Crunchgear)

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