Nerf Havoc Rapid Fire Gun Turns You into a GodFather

Nerf-Havok-rapid-fire-gunCheck out this cool fun gadget from Firebox. It’s called the Nerf Havoc Rapid Fire Gun which can rapid fired 25 darts bullet in just 8 seconds! Now who dare to cross your line?

You will find 1 box full of ammos, 1 folding tripod so you can aim your target properly, 1 piece of 25-dart ammo belt + 25 pieces of sonic micro darts and instruction.

Fully-automatic, this truly awesome belt-fed weapon makes other Nerf-cannons seem as intimidating as pea shooters. It’s the fastest, most powerful Nerf gun in the history of nerfdom and it’s ideal for mowing down fleeing co-workers. “Scoff my last falafel, would ya?” Tatatatatata! Alternatively you can blast a stationary object to bits (they said in an utterly unconvincing manner).


Nert Havoc is a battery operated gun, so you need to feed it with 6 D sized batteries before you can rapid fire like crazy. The only downside that you will find in this gun is the weight. Nerf Havoc Rapid Fire Gun weigh in 3.4 Kilograms, pretty heavy and good for training your hand’s muscles.

(Firebox (£49.95) via GadgetVenue)

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