PS3 Slim Edition – Available for Pre-Order!

After some type of fake screenshots of slim PS3 from Chinese manufacturer and rumors, it turn out the stuff is real and there is a welcomed price cut, too! The new PS3 is now slimmer, cheaper, and sexier. Sadly, there is no words about the backward compatibility. It seems you still can’t play your PS2 games with this little beast.


If you are interested to get one of the slim edition for yourself, has it for pre-order with unknown release date. The price is only $299.99 now, certain cheaper from the original edition and it comes with 120GB of hard drive to store your games and saves. This is a great news, but there is a better news for PS3 gamer. The reason news we’ve received through our reader is that Sony get another cool 250GB Slim PS3 in this Fall (September) with undisclosed price.

Perhaps you should wait until then before landing your money on the 120GB version. (via Crunchgear)

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