Singularity LED Watch – Read Your Watch in a Weird Manner

How weird, I really don’t understand why people keep coming with this Head scratching and eyes spinning type of watch.



This Singularity LED watch is sure another fun watch for geek to twist their brain and made their life difficult for getting the correct time. The watch coming with 6 dots and 4 capsule-like dots. So how to read them? I’m afraid you should ask the master who creates this Singular LED Watch for the guide…


How To Read – The Master Guide:

Tap the display button on the right side of the timepiece and watch the screen light up. In Time mode, the vertical column represents hour information in binary code. The horizontal row represents minute information also in binary code. In Date mode, the vertical column represents the month, and the horizontal row represents the day of the month, in binary code. You decide whether you want the watch to display the time randomly (every 10 minutes or so) or only show the time when you tap the button. How’s that for c as in e=mc squared coolness?

If you are interested to make your life difficult, you can get The Singularity LED Watch for $22 from Chinavasion. Buy more at a lesser price.

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